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Something happened to me last night that I just had to write and tell you about:

I was sitting on the tram, reading my book, when suddenly I was surrounded by a group of young women, all talking in a foreign ‘hurdy-gurdy’ type language. There were piles of them. Piles. About 12. I continued to read my book as they chattered away, laughing and passing around a water-bottle full of wine (cunningly disguised) There were three on the seats around me, several more on the seats nearby, and one kneeling on the seat behind me. All chatting and so forth. I ignored them.

Then I felt a soft brushing against my cheek – I turned my head and caught a glimpse of a camera wrist-strap – before FLASH! Which gave me a bit of a surprise. And the girl behind me was terribly apologetic….

“Och, sorry, hen! I dinnae min tae frit ye. Lemme tak yer picksher – we’re frae Norwae, reet?”

In the broadest Glasgow Scots I have ever heard.


Written by prismatic7

January 17, 2008 at 9:58 am

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